Mediators are sometimes described as having a “facilatative” or “evaluative” style. Those are just a few of the labels you hear. My practice can’t be so easily described. It’s different in each case. A couple of constants: I listen and I’m prepared. Pre-session submissions by the lawyers are important tools, helping me understand the dispute. A flexible approach to the task at hand leads to the best result.

Special Master

I’ve been appointed as a Special Master in a variety of cases. My experience includes being a Special Master in the claims administration process in MDL cases. I have also acted as Special Master in complex Class Action cases, assisting the court in managing pre-trial case management.


I can assist in a variety of ways in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Settlement counsel or private judging.

Honorable Arthur J. Boylan (Retired) Retired Federal Judge
Hennepin County Minneapolis, MN 55415

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