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Honorable Arthur J. Boylan (Retired)

Judge Boylan, the son of Irish immigrant parents who came to the United States in the late 1920s, grew up on the West Side of Chicago. He left Chicago to attend St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minn.  While attending college, Judge Boylan met his wife, Kate. After graduating in 1971, they married and moved back to Chicago, where he attended the Chicago-Kent College of Law, earning his J.D. in 1976. Returning to Minnesota, Judge Boylan joined the law firm of Hulstrand, Anderson & Larson (now known as Anderson, Larson, Hanson & Saunders, P.L.L.P.), where he practiced for 10 years. In 1986, Judge Boylan was appointed to the Minnesota State Court for the 8th Judicial District, where he served as a district court judge for 10 years before his appointment to the federal bench.

My Approach and Philosophy

Settlements can involve a lot of moving pieces. But perhaps the most important quality I bring to my work as a Mediator is the rock solid commitment I make to each case.


You have my word that if the task is a hard one, I will work until a solution can be found. Not every case settles immediately. It may take follow up and nudging. I won't wait for a phone call from one side or the other. I promise to dedicate myself to the goal of reaching a settlement.

Listening Skills

I listen: not only about a party's view of facts and law, but also to a parties suggestion on how the the matter can be settled. Successful mediations often occur when all parties are actively engaged in thinking about solutions.


I know how to keep confidences. When to speak and when to be quiet. Cases don't settle unless all parties trust the mediator. Parties have a right to trust that the mediator will be prepared, work hard, and remain committed to finding a resolution. I promise to not to betray that trust.


I began my legal career in 1976 as a Trial Attorney, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. I was appointed as Federal Magistrate Judge in 1996. Before that I served for 10 years as District Court Judge on Minnesota's general jurisdiction court. In 2010 I was named Chief Magistrate Judge.

Cases I've Worked on:

In my role as one of the Federal Courts' Alternative Dispute Resolution Neutrals, I have settled thousands of cases. Among the most notable are the following:

This information is not intended to constitute legal advice or substitute for obtaining legal advice from your own counsel.

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